Thursday, June 14, 2012


From Great Expectations, Chapter 9

...she had said that I was common,
and that I knew I was common,
and that I wished I was not
and that the lies had come of it
though I didn't know how.

But Joe
took the case altogether out
of the region of
and by that means,
vanquished it.

If you can't get to be oncommon
by going straight
you'll never
get to do it
through going crooked.

Pause you who read this,
and think
for a moment
of the long chain of iron
or gold,
of thorns
or flowers,
that would never have bound you,
but for the formation of the first
on one

Hello, blogworld!  I've been gone a long time, so I'm not sure if anyone is out there!  I'm trying to get back into the swing of things by using We Write Poem's prompt #109, which asks us to make a poem from another writer's prose. All credit for this, then, must go to Mr. Charles Dickens.  Please note: "oncommon" is not a typo.  It is how the character Joe says "uncommon."