Monday, September 15, 2008

My Stump Speech...

Determination, Grit, and the Desire to be Vice President

Guys and gals, I had the opportunity this morning
To indulge in the kind of bloated, fatty meal
That has become all too common in Washington.
But, I told myself, “THANKS, BUT NO THANKS”
To that donut for breakfast.
I had the power to stand up and break the entrenched eating habits
That have turned us all into fat cats
Because I am a maverick.
OK, so I had already purchased the donut.
And I went ahead and ate it.
But only because if I didn’t someone else might.
I may have been for the donut before I was against it,
But at least I took a stand and for one glorious moment
Faced down a threat that those healthy eating elitists
Have never had the courage to deal with.
When it comes to the kind of tough decisions
Real Americans face every day,
You can trust me.
Because I eat in small town America
And on a clear day,
I can almost see Canada from my house.

--Erin Davis

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