Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thank you, Annie!

Annie over at blissfulbohemian has given me this "One Lovely Blog Award," which means so much to me, because not only does she have a lovely blog, but she is a lovely person.
I'd like to pass the award along to...
There are so many wonderful bloggers in my life now--I appreciate all of you!


  1. It's very true that this is one lovely blog and that you are one lovely blogger-poet-teacher-wife-mom-friend-human being. :)

  2. Thank you for your sweet compliment :-). You deserve the award and also an award for best poet blogger, ever!

  3. You are indeed a lovely blogger!

  4. Thank you, Fabulous Erin!

  5. Oh, Erin! You are absolutely a lovely blogger. It is a privilege and a pleasure getting to know you, and reading your poems.You definitely deserve this; thank you for thinking that the window does too, though it is far less worthy.