Saturday, September 12, 2009


Photo: Light and Trees by Grieg Fraser
This is in response to readwritepoem's prompt #91. Check out their site for details on the prompt. I didn't expect to get here from there...
At night before the sun
Dances between
The branches of our trees
The girl I think I was
Sleeps surrounded
By your solid leather
And the smell of your
Fresh and foreign skin
Completely contained
In the courtyard of your arms
And the solidity
Of your direct action
Your forward motion
Your now my then


  1. nicely perceived by your mind Erin...nicely done...hey someone was later than me this week

  2. Thanks, Wayne! And yes, I seem to be the latest participant this week. Glad to carry the mantle.

  3. what a romantic poem *sigh* I hope he knows how lucky he is.

  4. In the courtyard of your arms

    That is very nice, Erin. I like the way you identify persons with trees. The whole poem is very nice, but the line I selected above is really powerful!

    I was late too, BTW. And I even ended up presenting a completely different prose memory instead of a poem this time, so you're actually ahead of me...

  5. From Therese B. at RWP -- Maybe a kind of aubade -- a tender love song before the parting at dawn. Lovely.

  6. Hi Erin,

    Well. I'm late getting here, just before tomorrow brings another batch! Your poem is rich in sensory perceptions. I think it draws in and envelops the reader.

  7. Gentle.
    I need to remember to check back for folks who post late(ish). I would have missed this

  8. Amazing as always! I thought this picture was beautiful when I first saw it and your poem accompanies it wonderfully.