Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hello to anybody who might still be popping in to this blog to check for new poems. I've had a lot on my plate lately, and this blog has been a bit lost in the shuffle. However, I am remembering that the more I write, the better I feel...So, I hope to have much more to offer in the near future!

The wound loves the knife
More than stitches
One made her
The others saved her
Her affections are
Torn but then
She can’t deny
Her origins
Or the reason
She was born


  1. Wow. Chills. And the label "psycho-spiritual" seems perfect.

    It's always a treat to have a post from you. :)

  2. Wow is right. I have to think about this one a bit. I always check in on you and I miss you. Yes, write more! You are an AMAZING writer. You should be FAMOUS!

  3. Lydia, thank you. Sometimes "psycho-spiritual" is the only way I can describe myself.

    Annie, you should be my literary agent!!

  4. Precisely what Annie Coe said!

  5. Groovy. Literally. I am not a fan of violence, pain, macabre or over-emotional poetry, which is why I really like this piece. When it's right, it's right; and, it feels strong and managed. Well done.

  6. Enri, thanks very much. I tried to let the images speak for themselves here, so I'm glad it felt strong and managed to you.