Saturday, January 29, 2011

Learning Early

This week's Big Tent Poetry prompt asked us to use a photo (that we did not take) as inspiration. Check out this great picture on flickr of a baby girl chewing on a Ken doll. I used it as my inspiration.

The girl who cuts her teeth on Ken
Develops no illusions about boys
Who would be men
She starts out right, unafraid
To break a little skin
She laces up and goes solo during couples skate
She takes herself to the prom and doesn’t wait
For anyone to ask her
She doesn’t dot her i's with flowers
She doesn't want to make the squad
She’s the girl
Who reads
By herself
In the middle
Of the quad


  1. Precious picture! I love how you tied into the kind of girl she'll be when she grows up. Maybe your onto a new teething soother of baby girls!


  2. Ohmigosh! What a nifty picture and you've worded it well!

  3. That kid isn't afraid to "break a little skin".

  4. Love the last five lines of this poem Erin.
    Well done.

  5. I read the poem first, and it stands all on its own without the photo. (Marvelously, too, I might add.)

    But the photo is an absolute hoot!! <3

  6. I'm loving this. Too bad Ken came after my time! :o)

  7. I very much related to your verse. It brought back some childhood memories. :)

  8. Nice one, Erin ... although I don't know what you were doing biting Ken in the fisrt place!!

  9. Erin, I am catching up here. This is wonderful. xoxo