Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The sleeping thread
keeps close to its spool,
its ends hidden
from probing fingers,
wrapped in batting,
zipped tight in a pouch,
reveals nothing
of its potential energy—
Guarded by an imperfect memory
that knows
the danger
of letting loose
its kinesthetic possibilities
of complete separation,
of unraveling—
Protected by the itchy persistence
of one who knows the chaos
of tangled fingers
and endless webs—
Recalls enough to confirm
that neither end
has any business
near the eye
of a needle


  1. This is marvelous, Erin! I swear that no one but you could bring a spool of thread to life via poetry. Five stars *****

    (oh how funny; the word verification was reell. of course, it will change now that I returned to tell you this...)

  2. I echo Erin,you are a marvelous writer!