Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fresh air

Yesterday the air changed
As we stood shoulders touching
At the edge of a clearing
Not to hold our breath
But to finally let it out
And find some relief
For years our air has been too thin
So we gulped it in greedily
And left our sisters to their shallow gasping
We belched out our anger
Like a cannon ball across the skies
And left our brothers to wheeze in our smoke
But a crisp breeze broke through
And unlocked our jaws
And unclenched our teeth
Bent our grim lips into smiles
Softened our elbows into embraces
Opened wide our squint eyes
So we could see once more
A path to a country
Where we can breathe deeply
And make room for others
Without fear of losing
What we think to be ours

1 comment:

  1. I love it! Especially the image of the breeze unlocking jaws and unclenching teeth. I know exactly how that feels. There are days when I am so tight, I can hardly fill my lungs with so much as a whisper of air--fresh or otherwise. Truthfully, I am scared to breathe (and believe). I am afraid he will disappoint, and, unlike you, I cannot bear the thought that he is "human." I feel like we have had our fill of the frailty of "human." This time I'm looking for the part of human that can resist the base, that takes pride in the difficult and the honorable . . . so help him God.