Monday, January 19, 2009

Liam, my nephew whom I adore, is turning four!

Today is my favorite nephew's birthday. He always makes me smile, and today he makes me want to rhyme! I am not at all good at regular rhythm and rhyme, but all of the love in the poem still works! Happy Birthday, Liam. You are the coolest four-year-old on the planet. Don't worry: this poem is not your only present. There is a real gift for you to open on its way to you!

You don’t remember
But on your very first birthday
I watched you being born
First there was no Liam
And then there was
And right away
I fell in love
with nephew love...

I knew I would love you
But I didn’t know
That my brother’s boy
Would tug at me so
You bring with you
Good times and great fun
Hugs end in a tackle
And start out with a run.

I love the glint
In your impish eyes
The way your brown sparkles
When I give you a surprise
I love how you growl
The word pancakes with passion
And dance on the couch
With your parents gone and me there laughing.

You wore your Angels hat
To the airport to meet me
You said your favorite team
When you reached up to greet me
And I loved when you settled
Your sweaty curly head
And used my happy shoulder
Instead of a bed.

And now you have come
To the new age of four
A talented dancer
With a wild thing roar
When you swing your big bat
With your baseball mitt hands
You should know
That Aunt Erin
Is your biggest fan!

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  1. Yes, "impish." I was thinking "elvin" when I saw the picture, but impish is much more appropriate. It captures the element of mischief that elvin does not quite.