Saturday, January 30, 2010


This week's readwritepoem gave us this great photo by Sepulture to ponder. I loved this photo, and fussed over this poem for over a week. I'm still not happy with it, but here's what I have so far...

My position, precarious
My tenure, untenable
Where I imagined myself
Firmly planted
In deep soil, rooted
Where I fancied myself
So perfectly suited
Wasn’t there
Was a throne made of sand,
And a home made of air.
Was an anthology of stories
I wrote in my sleep
And recited like a catechism
Until they turned to beliefs
So I finger the beads
Of my sorrowful brain
And dig in the dirt
And hope for the rain


  1. How to write the letters that form the sound of quickly drawing in a breath? Don't know. But that is what I did when I came to the last word of your brilliant poem, Erin. O, wow, this is gorgeous and really suits the painting for me.
    a throne made of sand, ...a home made of air and
    So I finger the beads
    Of my sorrowful brain


  2. having a little trouble getting this to take for some reason...
    I like this, Erin, especially the anthologies in your sleep. (how many poems have I written that way *poof*)
    [have you tried re-write as a cure for the block? carolee's pov suggestion from this past monday makeover worked a charm for me]

  3. b-That's an excellent idea. I am going to try Carolee's suggestion! Glad you liked the "anthologies."

    Lydia-You have made my day with your comment. So glad you liked this...I worked on it for what seemed like an eternity!

  4. "And dig in the dirt"
    "And hope for the rain"
    Absolutely brilliant!
    I really enjoyed what you wrote.


  5. My favorite poems are ones I want to read again and again. The words, images and rhythm in this poem are beautiful - read it five times so far. And the ending has a little suspense, a little question.

  6. A softly strong look at the reality that frazzles one's expectations. I enjoyed this!

  7. Hi Erin,

    I certainly like this! We can all find ourselves somewhere we never anticipated; everything just out of reach, dissolving before our eyes.

  8. Wow. You always amaze me Erin. Always