Monday, June 28, 2010


they are marshalling
their forces against Thurgood
Marshall and so by

implication line up
proudly against Brown vs
board of education?

old resentments of
racial integration shake
their privileged white fists

at a fearful white
nation and gobble from thick
necks, both red and white,

the code meant to scare
the old, ever-fearful right:
activist judges!

activist judges!
Justice Marshall threatens our
democracy from

the grave! the white man
from Alabama must save
us from repeating

old mistakes but please!
don’t take his remarks out of
their contextual

place. it’s so tiresome.
his objection to Marshall
is not based on race.

but let’s face it—
he never should have made it
a federal case.
OK. Maybe this isn't great poetry, but I am shaking in disbelief right now. Really? THURGOOD MARSHALL is the new judicial boogeyman?


  1. Atta girl, Erin! Thanks for a compelling poem that will send me to the link (I'm taking a big deep breath in anticipation of my own anger...)

  2. Okay, who took the last exit to Stupid? *shakes head* I'm surprised anyone is even pulling this...but given the political climate of the last ten years, maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

    And yes, agreed with Lydia. Compelling poem.