Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wish me luck!

It's been a bit of a dry spell for me lately--
so I'm off
to a cabin on the lake
where I hope to work on my relationship
with my poetic muses
My goal is simple but daunting--
to have at least one poem
to post by Monday
The longer I delay
the next poem
the harder
and scarier
it is to write it
and the easier it is
to put it off
I hope to return
with a postable poem
and I plan to visit
my favorite blogs
once again
Wish me luck!
I miss writing and just as much
I miss all of you.


  1. Well, I certainly do miss you! I have no doubt that you will return with marvelous poem(s) in hand.
    I'm trying to write too and feel stuckstuckstuck and it doth sucksucksuck.

  2. Completely understand. Enjoy your retreat; I know your muses will speak to you & the resulting conversations will be awesome.

  3. Good luck - I am actually inching toward my annual poetry hiatus. I am looking to bone up on some others' work in the fall and winter, then come back fresh around mid-January, like a budding sakura. I don't read enough poetry. Most of it is not that good. Including my own. Hope you are pressurizing some gems.