Saturday, September 11, 2010


I wanted to say
When I saw
Your blue eyes brim
That the waters
That flood so fast
And rush past your lashes
Are the same ones
That spill from mine
That they come
From the same stream
Of love and regret
Of grasp and release
Of swell and stab
Are the same tides
Of contracting and pushing
Of me and other
That clean
And then roil
The bonds
Between child
And mother
I'm back after a bit of a dry spell with a poem somewhat inspired by this week's prompt at Big Tent Poetry.


  1. incredibly beautiful. you have expressed what is nearly inexpressable.

  2. Wonderfully said; you have succinctly captured it!

  3. A beautiful poem, in words, form, sentiment - thank you!

  4. Wonderful, Erin. This is full of your love for your sons and even for the area you call home. I think that when you tap into one you tap into the other, many times anyway, and I love that about your poetry.

    Do check out Magpie Tales. I am writing more as a result of being there for the last three weeks than I have in ages. The poem this week was different, but the two weeks prior I wrote vignettes that felt just right when I was working on them. What a rush! Like a river of blue water coming from or returning to its source...

  5. Gorgeous. I like the shape of this and how much is captured without being sentimental, yet keeping the emotion (love & understanding) at the forefront.

    Nice to read you again, Erin!

  6. This is lovely.

    rush past your lashes - delicious!

  7. Oooh, very nice! So glad to have you back.

  8. Truly lovely, Erin. Expressing those unfathomable bonds and emotions a mother and child share.

  9. Awww! I've missed your poetry--no more dry spells allowed!

  10. hello... it's good to see you writing... mmmm the love we carry within for our children is sometimes so overwhelmin.... i love this wonderful place where you were when you wrote this...

  11. Oh, Erin, how is it that I am not here everyday soaking up the wonders of your words. I really must hop back on the blogwagon! This poem is So profoundly beautiful I just want to weep.