Friday, April 18, 2014

Foundations (NaPoWriMo Day 18)

Put your head on the desk
and stop raising your hand
No one likes a girl
who shows
how much
she knows

The worst thing that you can do
is disappoint the grownups

Corn is a vegetable
Middle school boys will ask you to dance
Low fat cupcakes will make you skinny
A smart girl like you should major in business

Don’t worry your body
will naturally go into labor
on its own

You can prevent most problems
by worrying about them
before they happen

You will never be the kind of mother
who bribes her son with hotwheels
to get him to shut up
while you shop

If there is a hole
don’t ask questions
just fill it

If your husband is unhappy
that the junk drawer is disorganized
you should apologize

You will always need
these anti-depressants

Once you tell a story
about yourself
it becomes the truth
and you have to believe it

I'm still playing catch-up.  Though it's day 18, I've used NaPoWriMo's day 16 prompt: write a 10-line poem that is all lies.  I did 10 stanzas instead of 10 lines, but stuck with the lying.


  1. I enjoyed the dark sarcasm in this piece and the playful way you dealt with these inspired lies, terrific. The hotwheels line made chuckle very much too.

  2. I Love this!! The order, the rhythm, the humor!

  3. You may be my newest favourite poet. I love this beyond reason. Can we be best friends?

  4. David and Susan, thank you very much!
    Satyapriya, I am always looking for new best friends! Yay!