Sunday, April 12, 2015


photo from wikicommons

When I get home from school
Grandpa’s van is parked in the driveway
So it is an extra good day
He is waiting inside with money
For my good report card
And mom says she is making spaghetti
For dinner my favorite she says
There is time to roller skate before
I have to set the table
So I lace up my new skates the ones
With the wheels made of polyurethane
Not metal like I used to have when
I was little I am wearing my
Favorite blue dress that
Floats around my legs
And it is before I have learned to
Worry about how I look when I move
So I am just fast and free and when
A gap in the sidewalk
Sends me crashing and tears the skin
Off my knee my daddy comes running
Down the driveway and scoops me up
I sob into his shoulder because it hurts
But also I am happy because I thought
That maybe I was too big for him
To do this but I am not and
To make me feel better Timmy
Offers to let me play with his
Sizzler race track and be whatever
Color car I want
During dinner my salad with
Thousand island dressing
Feels crunchy and sweet in my mouth
As Grandpa tells the story
About when he played football
For St. Cecelia’s and a boy on the
Other team had a full red beard
And after dinner my mom lets me
Put baby Kevin in his pajamas and he kicks
His chubby legs and looks so happy
That I think when I am grown up
I want to be a mommy
And feed my kids spaghetti
And make every night
Just like