Friday, April 24, 2015

On the Table

For you it was never
in the cards it has always
been too hard to keep them
straight or find them flush
the strain can be too much when
you are more likely to blush
than bluff even when you
played poker for pennies
with your grandma and
all the cousins seemed to
be having fun you shifted
in your seat at the intensity
and wished for go fish
a game of polite requests where
no one tells you to up your
ante and in the end
everything is paired up and tidy
and though you now see
the value in stashing an
extra one up your sleeve
when your only aim is
to please it can be so hard to
choose so you wind up feeling
like you are just shuffling the deck
chairs on the Titanic
trying to remember the
words of that damn Kenny Rogers
song praying to get to the part
where you can walk away
or please God
maybe even run

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