Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lapis Lazuli

I’m very certain she shined like lapis lazuli
Every movement like a stroke of Vermeer
Every gaze like a Madonna of daVinci
Pouring water from pitcher to bowl
Cradling a holy babe in her arms

She seemed to shimmer with lovely eternity
And radiate royalty from her fingers
And yet she came to me, a mere infant
In the clouds of my morning dreams
At the well of my youngest longings

I’m very certain she shined her blue pigment
Over my crib when I cried in confusion
Over my eyes red and weary from the journey
A bridge from the warm light that made me
To the life that awaited me here
--For rwp's first line prompt. Thanks to Derek for line #1!


  1. Loved this; brought back memories as my grandmother had a print of the milkmaid in her house.

  2. Oh I must say this poem is lovely. I really love the words chosen and how you crafted the imagery. The picture goes well with your words. Lovely piece :)

  3. How do you do it? This is from a word prompt, yet it is so personal. I loved it.

  4. This is a wonderful meld of the personal and classic art. Whether it's personal to you, or an imagination of the personal story behind the paintings' subjects, it's lovely!

  5. I get the feeling of a transgenerational person. Like mother and daughter are both one. Maybe that's a big far-fetched.

    Thanks for using my line! It's a lovely poem!

  6. Beautiful poem! I love the way you evoke deep maternal feelings...

    I used that line too but we went in such different directions with it! RWP is such fun!

  7. I read the Virgin Mary in these words - and a lovely way to capture her indeed.