Friday, August 21, 2009


This week's readwritepoem prompt gave us a lovely wordle to work with, but I only used one word from it: spoon. This poem also turned out to be kind of a weird anniversary poem for my husband.The spoon would never, ever run
away with the dish
They are too similarly shaped and
alike in purpose
They both hold and contain and
Together bring nothing
new to the table
Designed to be filled up and emptied
out and to scoop her
days away
The spoon is not adept at play
or cutting to the
heart of the matter
For this she needs sharp, she
needs straight
A spoon would be bored by
another spoon
on a date
Instead she looks across the
drawer and sighs with
longing at the fork’s
sharp lines
She shivers with pleasure
and dreams of his
piercing, teasing


  1. This is awesome (and very telling!!!)

  2. Erin, this is just fabulous.

    "Designed to be filled up and emptied
    out and to scoop her
    days away"

    My favorite part. Just wonderful. I really like this a lot.

  3. From Therese B. at RWP -- What a great present for an anniversary! I wonder if any other RWP poem has ever been given away as a gift? That would make a great prompt: write a poem that will be given away as a gift.

  4. very nice your NEVER late.....just read it to my 10 yr old grandaughter who is visiting for weekend....she liked it also. AND she said they had to write a haiku poem for school last winter...and hers was late also....then she added but mione was the best....sooooooooo

  5. Well, Erin, you have done it again! Marvelous. :)

  6. piercing, teasing tines, indeed.

    I love this. Always had my own mythologies about the sexes (and sex) of things.

  7. Beautiful! The rhyme at the end really makes it.

  8. Very clever and smart :-). Brilliant!

  9. Not weird; witty and insightful. Happy Anniversary!

  10. Hello Erin,

    I suddenly feel as if I've walked in on a private moment!! Inspirational!

  11. This was terrific! I loved how you gave the inanimate objects human qualities. (Or turned humans into inanimate objects!) That is the best thing..keep us guessing!