Friday, December 4, 2009


Wow! It's been a while since I've written a poem. I've been away from the blogosphere and it feels nice to be back. This week's readwritepoem prompt gave us this lovely image by Nasos3. It would have never occurred to me to write a poem about a pomegranate, so I thank them for the inspiration!

I would rather look, thank you,
From out here
Than come in
And run my tongue against
You in my mind
Than allow my trembling
Teeth to break
Your skin
Or risk your good opinion
Of my manners
By dribbling your delicious
Juices down my chin


  1. Ah, just great! So good to have you back.
    (I have two poms in my fruit keeper and will set their treasures free into some plain yogurt tomorrow in honor of this post.)

  2. So happy you are back, especially when you produce such gifts as this. Thank you!

  3. I like the rhythm and sounds of this, and the tentativeness of the narrator, tempted by those sweet juices.

  4. Looking is not a bad thing! :) I love the answer to an unseen question.

  5. I enjoyed reading your poem Erin. The pomegranates in the painting look so beautiful, it would be sad to break them open and drip them down one's chin. They do deserve some respect, after all. The rhythm
    and short phrasing, keeps the point of your poem more real. Lovely!

  6. Wow. This is superb. The imagery.

  7. Tasty poem.

  8. It's so good to see you back to writing again! This poem has such a lovely sound when read aloud...loved the rhyming!

  9. Short and 'sweet', I love it. Smaller poems can usually (depending on content) be absorbed in their entirety almost instantly, rather than in a piecemeal fashion with some longer ones. I really like perspectives, and this one seems to take into condideration the humble fruits tasty, but nevertheless, humble yet fruitile (futile, sorry, couldn't help myself! Ha) existence. Take care. Bye.