Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hearts and Flowers

I know you don’t like Valentine’s Day
but let me tell you why I do.
By the time I was 17,
(cue the Janis Ian song here)
I was convinced that I was not
The kind of girl that inspired flowers
or gift-giving of any kind.
I was not noticeable enough,
pretty enough,
special enough,
to spur any romantic thoughts
in anyone.
I just wasn’t that kind of girl.
And even though we were dating,
I didn’t really expect it to last.
I was so sure
that you would move on
to something better
soon enough.

So there I was,
working the evening shift at McDonalds.
And in you walked,
tall and handsome in your leather jacket.
In one hand was
a big bouquet of flowers.
Tucked under your arm
was a big wrapped package.
Just for me.
You were the most beautiful sight
I have ever seen.
And you still are.

And that is why I like Valentine’s Day.

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