Monday, February 9, 2009

A President who can speak!

I just finished watching President Obama's first prime time press conference. I was pleased to hear him speak at length about his plans for the economy and for foreign policy. And while the issues of the day are pressing and compelling, the English teacher in me is rejoicing over the reality that we now have a president who does not mangle the English language. Not only that, but he speaks clearly and logically! He can formulate complex sentences! He has a broad vocabulary! He doesn't try to mask his incompetence or dishonesty in good-old-boy, folksy slang! He doesn't demonize people who disagree with him! Oh, how I have yearned for a leader whose very attempts at spoken English do not cause me to cringe and moan! Oh, happy, happy day...

Anyway, I thought this would be a good time to share with you a link to a music video my dad sent me a few days ago. It is by a group called Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys (great name!) and the song extols the Irishness of Barack Obama. This song confirms my suspicion that anyone who has such an affinity for language must surely be Irish...

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  1. I missed it... was it good??? I wasn't even home yet. We are excited too! We have someone who can talk without having someone give him the information, he knows it! Love to look at this daily!