Sunday, May 10, 2009

Important words from Mom

Sit like a lady remember
your manners you are known
by the company you keep

It’s my church and I won’t
leave just because of
them absolutely women
should be priests

I don’t think we need to
surrender femininity for
equality you can be anything
you want to be

I don’t care who started
it I’m stopping it don’t
hit it doesn’t solve anything

Don’t talk to me that way I
am not some kid on
the playground March

right back into the bathroom
and tone down that eyeshadow
before you leave the house
young lady

You are everything I hoped
you could be and more
nothing you could say or
do could make me
stop loving you don’t
forget that

What a woman you are,
a goddess thank you
for giving birth to my

You have to forgive
yourself if not it’s a
foolish kind of pride never,
ever forget how much
that man loves you

Oh, for God’s sake, Erin
snap out of it

Apron strings stretch
far and wide, far
and wide

I wrote another poem last month for my mom. You can find it here. The above is a "found" poem taken directly from her. I love you, Mom. So much.


  1. That is precious. Happy Mother's Day! xoxo

  2. Oh my gosh, Erin, what a wonderful, radical, perfectly wonderful mother. I can't say mine was perfect, but far better than I can ever hope to be. Happy mother's day to a magnificent poet and surely lovely mom. So glad to know you (in a funny kind of way) and to follow your literary journey.

  3. Yes, those ARE important words, Erin!

  4. I came across you via writerquake.
    Love the poem, careful though: Mum's never leave you, neither do their words. Good thing - bad thing?

  5. I am always amazed at how often I open my mouth and my mother comes out. You uncapped your pen and your mother came out--wonderfully. Apron strings do stretch far and wide. Thank you for writing this. You are lucky--and so is she (but she knows that).

  6. Thank you, Erin! I love you forever.

  7. What a glorious tribute. Reminds me so much of my own mother. This is my favorite part:

    "Apron strings stretch
    far and wide, far
    and wide"

    I keep repeating it over and over in my head. Breathtaking.