Sunday, May 24, 2009


I did not know her to be
introspective or even
so when she
I am glad
you girls have
more choices than I did
you are both good moms things
are different
for you than they were
for me when you have
eight kids and so much to do
your kids don’t really get to know
you and you don’t really get
to know them
you love ‘em
of course
you love ‘em love
you’ve got plenty of
but you don’t ever
really have enough
time or hands
there’s just
never enough
but you know babies
just have a way
of coming when they
want and you’ve got

to love ‘em, yep,
you’ve got to love ‘em
now let’s move into the kitchen
grandpa wants to watch
the game,
I felt a window open
then shut again.


  1. That's spot on. I can hear the voice and see the mother. It must be restful to see the daughters with a different life.

  2. I've been thinking a lot lately about this issue of generational changes, including the willingness to honor one's feelings. So heart-wrenching. I feel I owe a debt of gratitude to these women and a nudge to encourage them to engage in "extreme selfcare" just to they'll don something nice for themselves. Then again, it isn't really my place to butt in. But I can be grateful--and know I'd have never made it!

  3. This is wonderful, how you've captured her voice. I feel like I'm sitting right there in the living room with you.

    And I love how you ended it, with the image of the window shutting. That's exactly how it is--they give you a quick little glimpse then they turn it right off, don't they? Maybe it really is a generational thing.

    Thanks for all your visits to my blog, Erin.
    When school's out, I'll have more time to return the favor. I have so much wonderful writing to read!!! ;)

  4. Very much family
    Very much a parent

    I know now
    That windows open
    And shut

    All the time

    That it took so long
    For me
    To realize
    That I needed to be looking
    To see it