Friday, May 15, 2009

The Void

This week's readwritepoem prompt is to write a poem that includes hyperlinks. I've included hyperlinks to the Tao Te Ching.

If I could turn in on myself I would:
Head to chest
Arms wrapped round bent knees
Feet tucked in, no longer visible—
All you would see would be my back
Curving and covering everything else.
If I could hold myself there I would
If only to stop
The endless grasping
The constant reaching and aching
The longing for something to fill
My void,
To hold my center firm
So it does not want so much—
So it does not have to fear
Coming undone—
To quiet the qualm,
The insistent foreboding,
That all that remains
Is the unraveling.


  1. Very intense, thought provoking poem. I love it, of course :-).

  2. Many a times I have wished for that. TO be completely invisible.

    Yout put all that fear very beautifully.

  3. The imagery is wonderful - "If I could turn in on myself..." and the links are such a pleasant surprise! Thanks for this one!

  4. I like that poem itself and it was a surprise to find the hyperlinks going to other poems. The imagery you used to turn in on yourself was wonderful.

  5. You paint a wonderful picture in my mind!

  6. nicely written...and i enjoyed the read

  7. I like how you develop the imagery of the body turning in on itself. It's so simple yet so powerful and really speaks to me. I also wish for that calm, centered place and so rarely find it. And the ending - "all that remains is the unraveling" - perfect!