Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer's Seduction

I posted this poem last year, but it expresses how I'm feeling now.
Summer’s seduction
Makes it easy to forget
As I walk my tentative feet
On its warm carpet of grass
I no longer remember
The sting of biting ice
The cling of stubborn mud.
It whispers in the breeze
You are safe.
You are warm.
The sky is your ceiling.
No need for shelter.
Walk unafraid.
It’s time to forget
The cold that split your skin
The grey that weighed heavy on your head.
See my flowers dance
My rivers tumble.
Let my smile lift you
From east to west.
And just like that
The cold that came before and
The gloom that would not go
Is erased.
Belief comes too easily.
I slip into a certainty
That all that is now
Is all that was
And will always be.


  1. You absolutely amaze me with your writings!!
    This one, and got chills after reading Closing. Tears aftre reading Notre Dame 2009.

  2. This is so, so beautiful. I'm so glad that you decided to post it again as I can't imagine having not ever read it. Gonna read it again now. . .

  3. I second Lydia. Well done!

  4. so so lovely!

    I came here via Annie ;)

  5. Wonderful words
    A sentence
    A stanza
    A season

    I am bound to it's call

  6. Distracted by Shiny Objects--I'm so glad you liked those three poems. It's nice to hear the effect they have on readers. Otherwise, they are just words in my head. :0)

    Lydia--Glad you felt like you wanted to read it again!

    ds-Thank you!

    studio lolo--Thanks for stopping by, and so glad you found me through Annie. I checked out your blogs and found myself admiring your art so much.

    Citizen of the Earth--Love your response, and I found your work to be intriguing and inspiring. Thanks!

  7. Stunning. Your poems move me and they inspire me so much.