Monday, May 4, 2009


Sanskrit for peace. In
Hebrew, shalom. In Irish,
siochan. Shhh. Listen.
Now that the wonderful madness of napowrimo is over, I can turn my attention to sculptingthemetal'sedge, Rick's metal sculpture blog. It's a nice place to visit to view beautiful metal sculpture and some short verses by yours truly. Shantih!


  1. Oh my, this is quite impressive. Beautiful.

  2. That is gorgeous metal work! Wow. I'll take a closer look.
    Salem, the capitol city in Oregon, is a derivative of peace.....and I have even walked in a few peace marches there in the past.

    You and your husband are SO creative!

  3. Lovely. It is so wonderful that you both are so creative :-).

  4. Lydia--your comment about Salem intrigued me, so I looked it up:

    Salem is the place where Melchizedek housed. According to Psalm 76:2 God's tabernacle is in Salem.

    Originally the name Salem probably had to do with a Ugaritic god, but transliterated this name neatly concurs with the Hebrew word (shalem 2401) meaning to be complete, sound. The similar derivative (shalem 2401d) means perfect, whole full. Another derivative is (shalom 2401a) meaning peace.
    Later this town became known as Jerusalem

    I am a total word geek, and I love to look at the etymology of words.

  5. That's simply gorgeous!! Wow..

    (and I love reading the comments, too...)