Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Graveyard Warning

Malvern Graveyard by Doug Shaver

This week's readwritepoem prompt gave us this cool photo for inspiration!

You can crouch over graves
in the night—a moonless one
is best.
You can bring a Ouija board,
a divining rod, keep an amulet
in your vest.
Look for a disturbance
in an energy field,
Hope for a hand to reach
through the ground,
Summon the spirits
as you kneel,
Press your ear to the
tightly packed mound,
Squat down on the edge of
dread and thrill!
It’s not the specters
you should fear.
There never was a ghost
who could kill
Or whisper a deadly spell
in your ear.
Beware instead of
your own bones and skin
as you strive to connect
with the great unknown,
The spirits may be willing
but to your chagrin,
The flesh might just make
itself at home.




    The spirits may be willing
    but to your chagrin,
    The flesh might just make
    itself at home.

    Got a chill! lol

  2. I like this a lot, Erin. The way you build to that last line is wonderful.

  3. "Beware instead of
    your own bones and skin"

    I agree completely! Nice write, Erin!

  4. Hi Erin,

    Really enjoyed this; the rhyme, the references, the idea.

  5. The ghosts are not the killers but it is the fear within us which is. This kind of spoke to me..

    don't forget to get my cigars

    Kill Word Verification

  6. I like the rhythm in this. It reads aloud nicely. I also like the idea that the things to fear might actually be the things we bring with us. Those internal demons, I suppose.

  7. Nice use of rhyme, Erin. Good control of tone.

  8. very nice.....and plenty deep....close to the surface

  9. 'There never was a ghost who could kill'...all those who dabble in such..nicely written Erin.

  10. So, so amazing, Erin. I sure love your mind!

  11. Bobbie--Thanks very much for the applause! I feel like I should take a bow!

    Nathan-glad you liked it. I had the last line from almost the beginning, and for a while never thought I would get to it!

    Derrick-glad you enjoyed the rhyme and references.
    Paul-Thank you. I always get nervous when I try to rhyme.

    Guatami--I'm happy this spoke to you. I really like what you did with the prompt this week!

    James--internal demons, indeed. Glad you liked it!

    Irene, Wayne, Jeeves--your kind comments are always valued and appreciated.

    Lydia--I love that you love my mind.