Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kokopelli Moondance

I'm sharing this poem I posted on my husband's blog a while back. I'm feeling some kokopelli-ish mischief in the air today.

Fertility god

is also a great trickster

goes to show you that

new life, whether crops

or babies, requires a sense

of mischief, humor


  1. I agree! My poem today on RAILROADPOETRY is about the sonogram my wife and I saw yesterday! I am feeling the same "kokopelli-ish mischief." Can't wait to meet the little bugger ;)

  2. Really enjoyed this, Erin. My first visit here.

  3. delightful. gave me a smile. congrats on the POTD mention over at David's.

  4. Very cool! Congrats on David's Post of the Day mention!

  5. David--Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks very much for the post of the day mention on your blog!

  6. Brian and Cheffie Mom-Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for coming by!

    Annie--Yes, you get the honor of living in Kokopelli's home state! :0)