Friday, July 24, 2009

Misgiving Itch

This week's readwritepoem prompt asked us to take a trip through the dictionary, using two words as our guides. I selected the words "itch" and "misgiving," and then wrote a poem using those two words and words that occur alphabetically in the dictionary between them.

Resisting the itch
knowing that no new itinerary
could ever scratch it she

led with her jaw
knowing this journey was different
something was off no

even keel here, only
scraped knuckles and bruised
knees and eyes too red to

lament the drowned horizon
or give license to the guilt
tied down in her stomach she

would afford herself no mercy
give no merit to good opinion
honor every misgiving she

had about herself and


  1. Woo! Like I said -- you've got a one-two punch! Amazing, Erin. Simply amazing!

  2. You do a great job using the alliteration to propel the reading forward to that wonderful end. Really like it.

  3. Wow. And wham! Powerful stuff. You have a way with the dictionary ;)

  4. An emotional read, and like how you end it.

  5. erin this was fun to read. enjoyed tracking the progression here until that killer ending. i think the last flight i took out of florida this chick was sitting next to me; papers, coffee, shades, cell phone, and not enough appendages to manage her life. nice write -lawrence

  6. What a fun game! I must show this to my daughter, the aspiring poetess and wordsmith.