Friday, April 30, 2010

Early Summer

The Little Spokane brims with forward motion
and the fulfillment of half a year’s promises.
Men and women float themselves on her surface.
Buoyant with expectation, they dip their paddles
in her fluid plenty, claiming for their own
her bends and eddies, her happy irises and
waving grasses, framing it all through mechanical
lenses. The mother moose sees them bob by
from the corner of her muddy eye and doesn’t move.
She stays down and lends her weight to the solid ground.
Today marks the last day of National Poetry Month, and my 30th poem for the month. I did it! 30 poems in 30 days! I wish to thank the good folks at readwritepoem for their support and the community they provide for poets. They close their virtual doors tomorrow, and I will miss them terribly!


  1. Lovely. And BRAVO for making it through the month! xoxo

  2. Love this image (as a kayaker) and love the poem that goes with it. Brims with forward motion - doesn't that describe your poems?
    Thanks for sharing your best work and thanks for your encouragement to a new poet.

  3. Sweet poem. Nicely done.

  4. hello, i was just getting ready to play some mahjong and hello there's erin... awesome day outside well not now but earlier i was up at the crack of dawn and the most beautiful day... last night i was watching sat night live fell asleep and woke up to the moon in my face...well, i did get to see the last script on SNL anyhow... yeah, the last thing i thought was another poem...i need a few days off...take it easy...let the pen go... now i got this habit...gotta write...i really enjoyed the 30 day napowrimo too... meeting a few people along the way... there are quite a few sites that have weekly prompts you might enjoy... one is, and onesingleimpression and... well, you get the picture if you want to know more abt these prompts let me know... it has been wonderful chatting with you along the way...

  5. Annie: Thank you! Picture me taking a bow...

    J.D.: glad this poem speaks to an authentic kayaker. I plan on continuing to visit your blog and enjoy your work.

    Poemblaze: Thanks for the kind words.

    Pieceofpie: The first half of today was indeed lovely. I plan on utilizing some of the sights you mentioned, so I'm sure I'll still be seeing you around the web!

  6. Congratulations on reaching your poem a day goal! Especially with this one. Keep dipping that paddle into the fluid plenty of your imagination.