Sunday, April 11, 2010

What might have been

Creative writing,
I once thought that I wanted you
for my major

Since my girlhood,
you were my dream, everything I wanted
for myself

When our time came,
your face, your voice was so different
from my dreams

You turned out to be
a drunk professor
who cancelled class when he couldn’t find parking
and told me I had no poetic voice
but didn’t tell me where to find it
a black-clad student
who believed that to be a true poet meant
to forego shoes and shower infrequently
and to write weekly free verse odes to his penis
another black-clad student
who told me that good poetry came from
good f***ing. She also wrote many odes
to penises. And cockroaches (I never got the connection)

So we parted ways.
I was confused. I didn’t fit in
with any of your friends
and you had very few kind words
for me.

For years I used you as an excuse
but I dropped that act a while back.
Would I be any better now
if I had stuck it out? seen you through?
Perhaps we’ll never know.
I’m not sure if you care,
but I still kind of do.
This is in response to readwritepoem's NaPoWriMo prompt # 11.


  1. Wow, it's cool how you still kind of care!


  2. I think everyone had a Uni Professor like that! Isn't it amazing how much power we give over when we rely on teaches to teach us.
    Great poem Erin

  3. nice voice Erin....creative....thanks for this

  4. Erin I like the sentiments expressed to that dickhead I mean drunk professor.- Irene

  5. Wayne--it's nice to hear I have a voice. :0)

    Irene--Thanks! He was indeed a dickhead.

    Andy--Yes, I guess I still kind of do. :0)

    Red Shoe Artist--I try to remember that now that I am an English teacher.

  6. Erin, you never cease to make me smile, and think. xoxo

  7. Ha ha, so very true. But I'm glad that you still care.

  8. Obviously, you didn't allow the experience to put you off completely, Erin. Well done!

  9. Glad to make you smile, Annie!

    Thanks, ds. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing that I still care, but it is what it is!

    Derrick, it didn't put me off completely, but it did put me off for quite a few years.