Thursday, April 29, 2010

I hope I die before I get old

Roger Daltrey fears end of Who,
says Pete Townshend’s hearing problems
may finally be too big
to overcome
If carrying on is going to mean
Pete going deaf, let's stop now,
he says,
entering old age in a silent world –
nothing is worth that
Our bodies are beginning
to give up on us
you have to be realistic—
I am 66 years old

And back in Hollywood
Bill Murray says that
Ghostbusters 3
will happen
over his dead body
It’s ridiculous,
he says,
a horrible rumor
The first one was still
the better one
so another one
wouldn’t be any better
The studio wants to make it
because they can re-create the franchise
and put new Ghostbusters in it
That's what it's about

Meanwhile handwritten lyrics
to a John Lennon masterpiece
made the news today (Oh boy)
the sheet of paper
is to be sold at Sotheby’s
in New York
on June 18
priced at $500,000 to $700,000
but is likely to fetch more
than the record $1 million
paid for the lyrics
to All You Need is Love
in 2005
Today's NaPoWriMo prompt from readwritepoem asked us to use headlines for inspiration. So, I came up with a kind of found poem based on three entertainment-related news stories I read on 3 different websites today. Links to the news stories are in the poem.


  1. Wait, there's still a Who? I like the combination of stories, and love the picture of Horton.

  2. the Who were deafining for sure...what do you expect Peter...certainly made the news today....dam thats bad.....but your poem is GREAT Erin

  3. hi erin... seeus what a dream... i still refuse to get rid of his books long after the children have grown... this was very funny... now lennon he lives on way past we ever knew... a most enjoyable post... it has been a pleasure coming by here during the rwp napowrimo hopefully we will meet again along other prompt... one thing abt this rain my flowers are beaming beautiful.... a life in the day

  4. Erin
    nice tour through all of the decades of my life, from childhood to parenting. Vivid and fun, thanks!

  5. Before I get old? Look how that worked out for John...

  6. Hi Erin,

    The Ghostbusters line is priceless!

  7. A lot of fun ironies here.

  8. Too wonderful for words :-). xoxo