Wednesday, April 14, 2010


her skin holds memory, perfect longing,
of her babies, round and reaching,
even when she sleeps, hungering, hurting,
motherhood is the invention throughout the night
of necessity, injury and wanting,
and she will always need the itch that knows no relief
Today's readwritepoem NaPoWriMo Prompt14 was to write a cleave poem. Blogspot is not letting me separate the two vertical poems, so I have put the second in red.


  1. Vertical poems - beautiful. I like the tension in this poem, the action.

  2. Super cleave, Erin. This was a hard prompt I thought!

  3. Coppertop and Derrick--thank you very much! This prompt was definitely the most challenging one so far. I think a cleave poem requires more time than I had for it.