Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Where they come from

Flecks of rust flake from my
Red hair, like pigment dandruff, and sprinkle my face while I am sleeping.
Evidence of my unfinished business or
Cancelled wishes?
Kisses from angels, my mother said, a
Lovely sentiment to be sure but
Even that seems insufficient explanation, I need
Some grander theory of origination.

Today's NaPoWriMo prompt from readwritepoem asked us to write an acrostic, which I have not done since I was a kid! As you see, I still have freckled on the brain (an on my face).


  1. flecks of rust is good..freckles better...thanks for sharing this

  2. "Kisses from angels" is definitely a much lovelier image than whatever the biochemical explanation. I'm sure, the truth is buried in the DNA. I've always liked freckles, but then again I don't have them.

  3. Now THAT's a sophisticated acrostic!

  4. I recall a Scottish great auntie who said that some children deserved to be noticed more than others for all of the right reasons, maybe this is but one of yours?

  5. hi erin, amazing how features that set us apart may be something that is so puzzling to one who owns it... remember that bit abt the comedian hollars makeup and he gets splashed with a huge puff of powder... hilarious.. now does that have anything to do with this... emmmmm... thaz what came to mind... thou i do like the idea of unfinished business... weather update overcast cloudy and rain... my flowers are refreshed... release engage

  6. Erin, I enjoyed this although I'm not a fan of 'forced' poems by which I mean not free verse. And I wonder how the poem would read if you took away the acrostic nature and made different line breaks. No changes to the words, just the lines. Just a thought.

  7. Hi Gordon--I agree wtih you about the nature of these types of poems. I actually did write a free verse poem on this topic a few days back, and I think it is better:

  8. Line breaks or no, I like this, Erin.

  9. Your mom has the right idea :-). xoxo

  10. Hello, Erin. I LOVE your poem. I am teaching a writing class for middle school kids this summer. Our theme is "Who We Are." Would it be okay to include your poem as an example for them to try one of these? Let me know. Thanks! Anjie Kokan (poetanj@gmail.com)