Thursday, April 1, 2010

NaPoWriMo begins!

I've taken the poem-a-day pledge for National Poetry Month over at readwritepoem, and this is my first of 30 poems. Today's prompt asked us to shuffle song titles from our ipods or CD players and use the titles to make a poem. Well, the title idea wasn't working for me today, but I think I stayed true to the spirit of the prompt. I randomly sampled lyrics from a single CD in my car stereo and incorporated them into my poem. The CD is "Woman of the World-Celtic." Song lyrics are italicized...


Can you recall the day we married, Oh!
We were beautiful, we were
Those children in the portrait
Hanging on our wall
Smiling out at Us Now
We were them then--
Silver winged, poised to fly
Across a landscape
Of blissful trusting and unknowing
Did anyone warn them?
That love is never easy
It's a stream running up
A mountain
It's not waves of romance
Washing away
The sober land
But it can be years
Of waiting
For the wheel to turn
And pulling
The roots of
A seemingly dying tree
And pretending not to care
Who wears the crown
Did anyone warn them?
No! Those framed children
Had no ears
They didn't want them
They saw summer sunsets
And asked for more
Believing they deserved them,
Believing that love
Was the great Because
They can't believe
That we forgot.


  1. This turned out amazing! So many truths here. My brother just got married in October, I must remind him to always remember the love they shared on that beautiful day. And I enjoyed your twist on the prompt!

  2. Beautiful! I am so excited a poem by you everyday for a month! xoxo

  3. oooooo ... well done -- and a creative twist on the prompt!

  4. The last two lines took my breath away. Wow, this poem will resonate with many couples, I think. Fantastic!

  5. Thank you, Jessica, Annie, Kathleen, Wayne, and Lydia. 1 down--29 to go!

  6. Hi Erin,

    Finally, I made it over! This is a super start with well woven words. Now the check the rest.