Friday, April 9, 2010


Winter massages spring’s shoulders
Is all over her like an octopus
Then jerks her around like a marionette
Stows away in her back seat and follows her home
Startles her on her own front porch
Takes her feet right out from under her
But before she can even begin to bruise
He breaks himself open like a rotten egg
It’s embarrassing, really
He’s lost his touch
His snow doesn’t even stick anymore

This is in response to readwritepoem's NaPoWriMo prompt #9.


  1. Wow, that was way interesting. I like the rotten egg breaking image.

  2. oh that is so like our winter here in the inland northwest.... curtain call

  3. i just noticed yr here just due west of me in cda, idaho.... yeah!!!! hello,

  4. Katherine--It's all melted, but we've gotten snow for several days straight; it doesn't stick, but it's a bother. :0)


    Evelyn--Thanks for the comment about the rotten egg breaking. I was not sure how that would work.

    one more believer and pieceofpie--I teach at NIC, so I'm in CDA almost every day!

  5. This is more humorous than other work by you. At least it tickled me!

    (You inspired me to this year sign on for the challenge, but in my own sloppy way. I'm doing the Thursday linky thing whereby I get to post a poem based on any of the prompts from that week. At least I wrote one last Thursday....another might not come for this challenge, or maybe one might. :)

  6. Love how you personify the seasons! Delightful reading!

  7. I love the last two lines. xoxo

  8. viciousandvirtuous and Wayne--Thank you.

    Linda--it was kind of fun personifying them.

    Lydia--Once in a while, I bring the funny. Glad it tickled you. And yay for you doing the Thursday linky thing and writing poetry. I haven't figured out a neat way to write poetry, so I'll bet your own sloppy way is working out well!

  9. Enjoyed the humour in this and also your snowflake tanka.