Saturday, April 3, 2010

Possum Invasion

They crept across the kitchen floor
They slept in my kitchen dish towel drawer
They hissed at my poor pregnant feet
They visited my pregnant sleep
And in my dreams they did give rise
To a bassinet full
Of their blank, beady eyes
With slow insistence, they crawl on the earth
And insert themselves
Into my dreams of birth
The third prompt for NaPoWriMo was to write about what scares us most. Baby possums are the most terrifying creatures. When I was expecting my second child, my house was invaded by baby possums for a few nights in a row. My husband was working nights, and I wound up taking my 2-year-old son and sleeping at my in-laws because I couldn't figure out how they were getting in and I couldn't scare them away. I still get the creeps when I even think about them.


  1. This merges with stories my dad tells about seeing a possum's face poking out from inside of a deer it was eating. I think we may be even now. :-)

  2. poemblaze--more than even, I'd say! Thanks for stopping by. :0)

  3. omgosh.
    that is really creepy. I would just sit down and cry if that happened to me.

    we have one that comes up to our sliding door and yells into the kitchen at the dog. who just whimpers back because she's ferocious like that.

  4. This is very creepy, Erin. I can see why you left home!

  5. They do have faces only a mother could love!