Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Un-Zen Art of Mothering Tulips

I should have a more Zen-like attitude
toward tulips.
But I can’t.
My attachment is too great.
I spend the last trimester of winter
and filled with fear
that this will be the year
that they don’t come.

And when they arrive
I waste our time.
I know too much
from past experience
with baby toes
and baby fingers
and baby feet
that such pink softness,
such perfect curves
and folds
are much too sweet.

The heartbreak
is that they seem
to stay still
and rest themselves against
my grateful breast.
Happy, so it seems, to be at rest.
But no matter how tight
I swaddle,
they stretch out,
open up,
scatter their petals
to the worldly ground.

So I would like to say
my time with them is
spent in the now.
But it isn’t.
A mother’s love is all about
And I haven’t found
the will
to release
the wanting

This is for NaPoWriMo Prompt#4.


  1. Hi, Erin. Enjoying your work. My latest is 'Griefsong' on the NaPoWriMo page at - Greg =)

  2. nicely done Erin....Zen attitudes are soooooooooooo good...thanks for sharing this

  3. Greg, I'm enjoying your work, too! thanks for stopping by.

    Wayne-Such attitudes can be easier said zen done! Sorry-couldn't resist. :0)

  4. Wonderful. I love having a new poem everyday, from you, to look forward to. xoxo

  5. I can see how those tulips have you turned inside out! I love tulips too.

  6. Aww! "They scatter their pedals . . . " very clever!

  7. Lovely--and so true. Thank you.

  8. Annie, thank you for reading every day!

    Derrick- I'm glad you share my love for tulips (sigh).

    ds- You're welcome. Thank YOU for reading.