Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shakespeare, Aesop, and Poison

Uneasy is the head that wears the crown of gold
or thorns.
Every rose has its thorn but gold
has no such mechanism. It doesn’t punish predators
it makes them.
Gold and thorns: they’re both slow killers.
Remember the story of the little mouse who removed the thorn from the paw
of the great and ever-after grateful lion?
Well that won’t work with a man
who has gold stuck in his paw.
No creature
great or small
has ever been known to pull off that heroic act
and live to tell the fable.
Today's NaPoWriMo prompt from readwritepoem asked us to explore phrase finder for inspiration.


  1. love it Erin...thanks for another poem

  2. Erin, very timely statement of fact, given the news of Goldman-Sacs and other related stories over the past few years. You have a terrific ear and it shows up in your poems.

  3. ahhh never satisfied.... wasnt it beautiful today!!! humble pie

  4. I liked this! I picked a Shakespeare quote today as well.

  5. Wayne--thank you.

    J.D.--thank you for complimenting my ear-it made my day!

    pieceofpie--thanks, and yes-we had a gorgeous day!

    Katharine--thanks! The bard is always good for inspiration. :0)

  6. Erin-I do love the way you think, my dear. Kindred spirits to be sure!

  7. Kathleen--I am honored to be considered your kindred spirit.