Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today's napowrimo prompt asked us to write a poem inspired by an old movie. I did something a little different...

To all of the movies
From the late 1980’s
We went to but
Did not watch
We are sorry

We’d like to say
We tried but
We did not
In our defense
We were too crazy

In love so even
If we wanted to
Watch we could not
Have seen past
The windows that

Were foggy from
The selfish intensity
Of what we felt
For each other
In the last
In Orange County


  1. I like this off-beat tribute to the drive-in adn the many people who never did watch the movies there. How you break up the lines - like the fragmented experience itself - is wonderful.

  2. good ins were HUGE in the 50s..cant remember them all...but most of the girl friends....I think

  3. I'm envious! Love the concept, and those last lines, so evocative.

  4. Aw, that's sweet and hot at the same time. I remember those drive-ins in high school (sort of) but my fondest memories are of going with my mother and step-dad when my sis and I were little girls..... in our pajamas.

  5. Great pic of the old HiWay 39. Great poem too.

  6. Oh, this is wonderful!!

    We have a drive-in here in our little town. Makes me wonder how many movies my girls are missing... *winks*