Friday, April 10, 2009

Science Proceeds (Found Poem)

Today's napowrimo prompt from readwritepoem is to write a found poem, in which you take a passage from someone else's prose and turn it into a poem. The following is from Mappings in Thought and Language by Gilles Fauconnier (google books).

Science proceeds
Indirectly it correlates
Surface phenomena

Interpreting them in
Certain ways
At the observational level
And hypothesizing deeper
And more general.

Relations and principles
Underlying the phenomena
Of our knowledge...

The universe is


  1. There you go! Good job.

    I'm not sure I can do this, but will try!

  2. Scientific words are quite beautiful. Nice choice.

    I went the science route, too, with this prompt!! ;)

  3. Wonderful! I don't often think of a scientific source as being poetic-- goes to show me!

  4. I agree with Pam LOL. I didn't know you could turn science into poetry. You did a GREAT job!

  5. Great choice. I often think of scientific writing as poetic and also chose one for today's prompt.

  6. I get my poetry mostly from intuition and dreams...however a scientific spin is great also....nice poem

  7. I come from a science/maths background. I like the way you've divided it up to show surface and depth and that's a great last line.

  8. Hey Erin! I love this poem (especially since I'm vastly interested in Physics). The universe really is quite indirect sometimes. :)

  9. Wonderful. I always think of pure sciences as poetry!

    A man, his fiddle and crows

  10. I think science can be quite poetic. The text I took this from is actually a linguistics text, so maybe it's a natural place for language to meet science.

  11. Why can't the universe be more direct? It's really quite exhausting trying to make sense of its subtext. Thank God fo poetry--so much more scrutable. Marvelous piece, Erin.

  12. Love the unexpected juxtapositions here. And I agree- the last 2 lines make the whole piece work.

  13. I'd say you 'mapped' the thought and language perfectly. The universe is/Indirect! Indeed!