Monday, April 13, 2009

Venus Rising

Today's napowrimo prompt from readwritepoem challenged us to use one or all of these words in a poem: acute, green, briny, room, pool, changeling, singularity, jubilant, impugn. I think I managed to fit them all in.

Do not, do not impugn
My singularity
I do not come to you like any other
I have risen
From a pool of green
Rode here
On a breeze so briny
I am not, I am not the same
One you saw this morning
With matted hair and
Crow’s feet framing her red eyes
In the harsh morning sunlight
Of your room

I am not her
I do not come from that place
I am a changeling
I am not the one
You thought I was
I will dazzle you
With my beauty
Then leave you jubilant
With an acute yearning
For my return


  1. O, wow, Erin. I could never have written a poem using those words, and you not only did that but you wrote a great work - perfectly titled, and perfectly illustrated with this art. I love it.

  2. Great job @ getting all the words in there. It made for a great read!

  3. Yeah, I'd say you managed to fit those words in. Some challenge! If she'd been given the gift of speech, that is exactly what she would have said!

  4. go, girl! I LOVE it. Oh, to be such a changeling.

  5. I like it. I read it, I got it, I like it. And then I read the list of owrds you strove to include and enjoyed seeing what they made you think, the direction of your poem.

    I am not a poet. It doesn't come to me, to see things that way.
    Enjoyed this.