Monday, April 20, 2009

Her Sword

Today's napowrimo prompt from readwritepoem gave us a stunning photo from pareerica's flickr photos. The photo I used is actually different from the one on readwritepoem. My poem is definitely still a work in progress.

In the tower of the convent
In the tangle of her mind
Guinevere sighed and
Reached back in time
And wondered …
If Excalibur
Had been for her
What might have been?

If woman could part
Blade from stone
And take for hers
The sovereign crown
Would love still have
To sacrifice to law?

Could she undo old
Merlin’s prophecy
And set the fate
Of women free
From shouldering
The burden of the fall?

Could the kingdom
Ever belong to her at all?

If the power and glory
Were hers to take
And the beginning
Of it, hers to make,
For the three of them
And Camelot’s sake,
Should she not
that sword
the lake?


  1. An interesting history as herstory. Nicely done.

  2. This may be a work in progress, but it's a great idea--go, Guinevere!

  3. oh, what a fantastic idea!! I love this...

    I see the beginnings of a whole new legend! ;)

  4. Like where this is going. Thanks.

  5. This does it, Erin. You are now officially in my ENCHANTERS (separate) Blogroll at my blog! Your writing is amazing.

  6. very nice again....I am so amazed at all the poetry going on here.

  7. Wonderful, Erin. I've always loved the Arthurian romances as well as modern twists on them. I enjoyed reading your spin and admire the sharp images and flowing rhythm you use to bring it to life.

  8. I love it!
    What a telling finale!

  9. Thanks for your support of this poem, everybody. When I've reworked it a bit, I'll post the newer draft.

    Lydia-Wow! Thank you! I am so honored!

  10. Now there's food for thought ~ great writing, Erin!