Friday, April 3, 2009

Three Prongs

She pulled the fork
From the flesh of her
Soft belly
Its prongs had turned dull,
Making it more of a struggle

She pressed her palms
Over the three wounds
To staunch
The flow of her shame,
Stopping it from spilling out

She despaired to think
Of such a messy end—
A stream
Of her guilt, her disrepute
Drowning them all, but

She closed her eyes
And gave each wound
A name:
Depression, addiction, deception.
And removing her hands,

Let the baptism begin.
This is for readwritepoem's third napowrimo prompt: "three in a row"


  1. Wow, such vivid imagery! Today in my poetry-writing class I had my students write about addiction. Would you mind if I shared this poem with them? Love it!

  2. Thank you, Linda. I wouldn't mind at all if you shared this with your class. Please feel free.

  3. That was amazing. Really powerful and heart-breaking. Nice "prompt-usage." ;)

  4. What a gift you have, Erin. Have you submitted a chapbook anywhere? I'd sure to have a book of your poetry on my self for inspiration. Glad I can at least read it online. Wish I could take a class from you!!! Poetry has felt so inaccessible to me most of my life. But within the past 4 years, it's become an essential part of my day. Must read some or attempt to write a few lines.

  5. Angie-thank you! :0)

    Kathleen-I haven't submitted a chapbook anywhere. I've only done the online thing thus far. I'm glad you think I could--it's something I think about...
    Poetry has become an essential part of my day, too. It's hard for me not to write a little each day now.

  6. Submit away, my dear. You've got what it takes. Now take what you've got!

  7. The first three lines are so visual!