Thursday, April 9, 2009

Psalm II

Today's napowrimo prompt asked us to consider the concept of "paradise" and write a poem about it. I guess with Good Friday approaching, I can't think of paradise without thinking of how hard it seems to be to get there. I also have been looking at the Psalms as poems lately, and I wrote my own psalm a few weeks ago. So, this is my longing-for-paradise psalm...
I have been anxious
and worried about so much
I want to sit at your feet
and find the only thing
that you say is necessary.

Oh, to stop the reaching
and the grasping! I
want to find the place
where I am carved
in Someone’s hand.

Oh, to be the Beloved
with my head on your breast!
And not be afraid to ask
Is it I? When I come back
to the rock who bore me
what shall I find?

The one who longed
to gather me to Herself,
the one who broke Himself
in half for me? Oh please
take the mud from my eyes
And tell me I’ve cried
My last lonely tear.


  1. This is a beautiful modern day psalm. I especially like 'I am carved in Someone's hand' and 'take the mud from my eyes/And tell me I've cried/My last lonely tear'.

  2. Thanks, Lydia, Jenn and watermaid! I value your feedback.