Monday, April 27, 2009

pounding the pavement

Today the good folks at readwritepoem gave us a delicious wordle as inspiration for today's napowrimo poem. I chose to use the following words: impossible, wicked, cadence, lunacy, piggybanks. Not sure if it makes sense, but here it is:
It is impossible to ignore
the wicked cadence of my wants
the mad beating of me, me, me
pounding in my ear
then why, why, why
keeping time with my shoes
as they hit the sidewalk

Like bells around my ankles
they ring out as I walk
need, want, need, want, need
they hit and hit and hit my stride

I don’t know how to stop them
in their tracks
If I walked backwards
what lunacy would I find?
Could I undo my choices
and drop them like coins
in the piggybank
of my mind?


  1. not much sense? lots of sense here...all in the piggy bank....nicely done....nice heels on the pavement also

  2. Makes sense to me! Loved the first stanza and how you tied it all together at the end. Beautiful images.

  3. "If I walked backwards/what lunacy would I find?" Makes perfect sense to me.

  4. Very creative. It makes a lot of sense to me. I like how you use the metaphor of walking for the buzz of wants and needs in the mind (great photo too).

    (An another note...last week you recognized my blog as part of getting an award. Was I supposed to do something with that? I got a bit confused.)

  5. That middle stanza is fantastic. I love image and the rhythm felt like a stride down the street.

  6. Love this and am amazed by your poem-a-day productivity. You are not missing a beat:>)

  7. I think it works really well. I like the idea of dropping choices into a piggybank like coins

  8. This resounds - and echoes true - with every mom.



  9. This is a gem! Each one gets better, Erin; I'm having so much fun following you!

  10. By golly... I think I get it. I like the "walked backwards" line. Enjoyed your post.

  11. Hi Erin! What I liked here were the repetitions of words which gave the effect of walking (in heels).

  12. I can actually hear the heels clicking on the sidewalk. The sound and the meaning resonate with me.

  13. This piece has a nice rhythm to it. Good use of the words, too.