Sunday, April 5, 2009


With just a dram of
wanton perfidy you can
defeat guardians

of scruples with some
truthiness, so sycophants
rejoice! My methods

are eclectic, my
morals, psychosomatic.
Money makes me smile.
Today's napowrimo prompt from readwritepoem asked us to get a list of words from a fellow poet, and base a poem on some of those words. Well, I asked my 3 sons to write down some of their favorite words, and then created the above poem from the following: dram, wanton, perfidy, guardians, scruples, truthiness, sycophants, eclectic, psychosomatic, money.


  1. Oddly makes a great deal of instinctive sense. I'm amazed at your body of work here. Well done.
    (and I'm thinking some insight goes to Stephan Colbert--:>)the guru of all truthiness)

  2. Yep--my kids and I are big Colbert fans. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Blimey, they didn't make it easy for you with those words ~ job well done!